Doodle 1:1 meetings

The quickest way for two people to meet

Create one-on-one invite now


How it works

Suggest options

Add the title of your meeting and select a few possible times to meet from the calendar grid. Send the 1:1 invite via email to your guest.

Time confirmed

The person you want to meet opens your email invite and sees your suggested options. They confirm their preferred option.

Booked in both calendars

That’s it! Both you and your guest receive calendar invites in your inbox. Your meeting is booked and added to both of your calendars.

Smart scheduling for one-on-ones

Save tons of time

Suggest a few times to meet and let your guest pick one. Schedule a meeting in 2 steps. No more back and forth, just forth! And even more time saved!

Full privacy

Doodle 1:1s are one-time invites and you only show your selected times to your guests. Your calendar information remains for your eyes only.

No double-bookings

If an invite is pending, and you schedule something during a suggested time, we’ll update the options for you. Don’t worry about double-booking – we’ve got this!

Easy scheduling for you, easy scheduling for your guests