Start scheduling with calendar software from Doodle

As more and more of our professional and social lives begin to be conducted online, a diminishing amount of us are using physical personal planners and diaries to schedule our days. Doodle offers a way to synchronize all the calendar software you already use and gives you the ability to organize meetings with any size group. Get started with the ultimate scheduling solution today.

Start scheduling meetings

Once you have an account with Doodle, in a matter of only a few clicks you can connect your Google, Microsoft, or any other calendar via ICS feed. If you have multiple calendars you can similarly connect these to the same account, and Doodle will generate one comprehensive Doodle calendar for you, taking into consideration the appointments from both sources. You’ll be able to view all of your upcoming appointments so you’ll never double-book or over-book yourself!

Setting up your free calendar software – a guide

It is remarkably easy to connect the software of your calendar to your Doodle account. Choose “calendars” under your account settings at the top of the page. Here you can select the kind of calendar it is that you wish to connect with Doodle.

Calendar software image. Google, office 365, ICS feed

Doodle can connect with three types of calendar: Google Calendar, Office 365, and other online calendars connectable via ICS feed. To connect your calendar software, you will simply need to click on the box that corresponds to the type of calendar you use. If there is more than one calendar that you want to add, you need simply repeat the process. The calendars connected to your Doodle account will then be displayed on your account settings page just above any address books that you may have previously added.

How to change or disconnect your calendar software

It is easy to change or disconnect a calendar from your Doodle account. Once again you will need to go to the ‘Manage Doodle Account’ page and from there to ‘Manage calendars’ on the left side. Beside each listed calendar that is connected, you will see a little garbage bin. Just click them to disconnect.

Get started with Doodle today and connect your online calendars in seconds. Scheduling has never been so easy. 

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