How to use Doodle’s appointment scheduling software

You can use this online appointment scheduling software in a variety of ways. In order to illustrate the various benefits, let’s have a look at Bob and Mary, who both use Doodle in the professional, personal and private aspects of their lives.

Use this appointment scheduling software completely anonymously

Meet Big Bob the Biker. He and the boys like to take their Harleys out on the open road and stop in little bars along the way for raucous fun. The problem is, the gang can never seem to meet at the same bar. Some are even in completely different cities…. what is Big Bob to do? Well, he decided to ask around about different appointment scheduling software that’s available online. Someone recommended Doodle and he visited Doodle’s homepage to get started. Big Bob is quite paranoid about Big Brother, so he refused to even create an account whilst surfing incognito. (Yes, it is indeed possible to use Doodle’s free appointment software without even creating an account!) He entered a vague title for the appointment in question, his alias name and email address in the appointment software so that he could manage the appointment administratively (deleting people he didn’t like, closing the appointment, and so forth). A few clicks later, he had a fancy little link that he could email to his biker buddies so they could decide on which bar to barge into – all without having to shout to each other whilst riding the open road.

In fact, Big Bob’s biker buddies loved the appointment scheduling software so much that they decided to install the Doodle app on their smart phones to better organize everything from heists and capers to picnics and conjugal visits.

More benefits if you upgrade your appointment software

Meet Mary. She makes macaroons for a living in a fancy little bakery on the high street. Many of Mary’s customers buy large bulk orders of her baked delicacies for weddings, funerals and exhibits at the wax museum. The problem Mary has, however, is that she can’t keep her appointments scheduled properly. Different calendars online and offline, different time to drop off and pick up large crates filled with delectable macaroons…. what’s a girl to do?

Free appointment scheduling software with Doodle

Have no fear, Mary – Doodle’s appointment scheduling software has come to the rescue. Her loyal customers can now easily send her requests for appointments by visiting her personalised MeetMe page which is entirely free. Her customers can now send her requests for appointments directly through Doodle. All she has to do is log into her account, click “Your polls”, then click the tab “MeetMe requests” and she can reply to requests and create her own. She decided to sign up for a premium account awhile back, since she could then sync her Google Calendar with Doodle’s appointment scheduling software. (You can also sync your iCal, Outlook, and other online calendar formats.) Though Mary isn’t able to see an overview of her calendar from Doodle, it’s quite handy to be able to see pre-booked appointments when she’s scheduling new ones.

Mary the macaroon maker is extremely happy with Doodle’s appointment scheduling software, and so is paranoid biker Big Bob. So when you’re organising your next team event or art exhibit at the wax museum, won’t you give Doodle a try too?

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