Make sure you never miss a meeting with Doodle’s online appointment calendar

Anyone with a busy schedule knows how difficult it can be to plan meetings or events when a large number of people are involved. This is a particular challenge when colleagues or friends are not immediately available to chat or collectively organise. However, with Doodle’s simple appointment calendar template, anyone can arrange meetings, events and other types of poll with minimum fuss. Once created, you can invite your friends or colleagues and decide upon which time is best suited to particular individuals and then plan around the provided information.

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Among the more advanced features found within Doodle, is the calendar connect feature that allows you to seamlessly integrate a number of popular calendar programmes into your scheduler. With support for Google Calendars, iCal, Outlook and iCloud amongst many others, all it takes is one click and you can combine your schedule with your appointment calendar.

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Quick and simple online appointment calendars from Doodle

Take, for instance, the example of Mr Fisher. Mr Fisher needs to plan a crucial meeting to discuss changes to an important business plan. Mr Fisher lives in Berlin, however, the rest of his associates are based in the US which, due to the different time zones, makes discussions during working hours difficult. However, thanks to Doodle’s intuitive appointment calendar template, Mr Fisher can canvass his associates and mutually agree upon a time to meet or talk.

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Once all of Mr Fisher’s details have been added, he may then proceed to the next step where he is able to suggest suitable meeting times and, thanks to Doodle’s advanced online appointment calendar, this information is easily accessed and understood.

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The next step involves deciding how other users are able to answer. The advanced settings option allows Mr Fisher to select a number of options that will help him further tailor his appointment calendar for optimal results.

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Finally, with his appointment calendar complete, he can begin to send invites to his associates – either through Doodle’s dedicated invitation system or simply by including the provided link within a standard email. Once his colleagues have access, they simply enter their names and the time/date most fitting for their individual schedules.

To help Mr Fisher plan the most suitable meeting time, he can then refer to his colour coded weekly appointment calendar or daily appointment calendar and select the slot that best suits himself and all of his associates. Simple!

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