Doodle’s Agenda Planner

Since Doodle was founded in 2007, the free online agenda planner has become well known as the optimum place to schedule events with colleagues and employees. Because the site is so simple to use and is free of tedious complications, it has become a favourite tool for professionals to quickly arrange meetings and appointments.

Without having to sign up for an account with Doodle, you can use the online agenda planner for free by creating an event poll and sending it out to your colleagues to fill in their available time slots. It should only take them a matter of moments and when each has answered you will be notified by Doodle and can see when the best time to meet is.

This agenda planner is even quicker when you have a free Doodle account, as you do not have to type in your own email address and you are also able connect your email contact list with the account. With a free Doodle account you can also implement into the online agenda planner such features as allowing your invitees to answer ‘If-need-be’ and by asking them to provide additional information when they fill out the poll.

Choose additional settings

The Premium Online Agenda Planner from Doodle

With a Doodle Premium Account you are able to synchronise your online calendar with your agenda planner. Doodle can connect to your Google Account, iCal (via iCloud) or any other online calendar that is connectable via an ICS Feed. Doodle can connect your account to multiple online calendars (perhaps you have one for work and another for your personal life) and display them together in one integrated format.

Connecting your online agenda planner to your Doodle Premium Account is particularly handy when creating and filling out polls. No longer do you have to keep switching between the two when marking time slots and worrying that you have a made a mistake and double-booked yourself. Instead, you will see the suggested potential time slots alongside the appointments already booked into your online calendar. Have a look below to see how this will look.

View the poll through your calendar

Janice has received the invitation to the June / July Review. The boxes in the light blue are appointments previously made on her Google Calendar. By hovering over each suggested time slot, Janice can select either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and the box will turn green or red respectively.

Select your availability through your calendar

When Janice saves her entries they will show up on the poll in the table view.

View the results of the poll

When you integrate your calendars with Doodle, there is no simpler or clearer agenda planner online.

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