How to make Valentine’s Day memorable

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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

valentines day

A day to celebrate love and affection, February 14 is arguably one of the most romantic days of the year.  

Coming from both Christian and Roman traditions, this holiday has evolved over the centuries and carries deep cultural significance. St Valentine, the 3rd-century priest, was known for secretly performing marriages during the Roman Empire when Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men. 

Today, Valentine's Day has become an occasion where people express their love and appreciation for their partners, family and friends.

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What to do on the day

In the spirit of love, it's essential to plan special activities that will create lasting memories with those special people in your life. Here are some of our tips for you to make the most of your day: 

Plan a romantic dinner: Surprise your better half with a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant or prepare a cozy meal at home. If you’re staying in, be sure to set the ambiance, plan a great menu of your partner’s favorites and add a personal touch with notes and things they love. If you’re going out, find a meaningful location, dress up and make sure to take loads of selfies to remember your special evening.  

Enjoy a movie marathon or game night: A popular activity for couples, friends and families is to enjoy a movie or game night full of laughter and fun. Start by picking a theme, preparing tasty snacks, creating a playlist and, if you’re gaming, don’t get too competitive if it will spoil your night. 

Explore an art gallery or museum: Take your significant other to a beautiful gallery or interesting museum exhibit in your city. Be sure to choose the right one, check for special exhibits that might be on for the day, do some background research so you can delight your partner with fun facts and finish up your day with a coffee or glass of wine. 

Participate in a couple's workshop or fitness class: Many studios offer unique workshops and fitness classes on Valentine's Day, catering to couples in search of a fun and engaging experience. 

Galentine's Day is a thing too: It doesn’t have to be all about couples, if you’re single, think about hosting a Galentine's Day party to celebrate the powerful bond of sisterhood.

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Organize your day stress-free with Doodle

No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine's Day this year, Doodle can be instrumental in making the day run smoothly and efficiently. 

By using this intuitive and easy-to-use scheduling tool, you'll not only save time and effort but also focus on what truly matters – appreciating the love and cherished connections in your life.

If you’re meeting with friends instead, then think about using Group Polls to find out everyone’s availability. All you need to do is send some dates and times and let people vote on what works best. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll find something that works for everyone. 

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