The best ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Phoenix

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Updated: 17 de jul. de 2023

St Patrick-s

Let green be seen everywhere. The city of Phoenix has a lot to offer for St. Patrick's Day including a parade, family-friendly festivities and lots more.

Foodies will find themselves picking from the finest entrees in Celtic cuisine at the city's many Irish pubs and restaurants.

Let’s discover how to make the most of St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Phoenix and schedule your day the right way.

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Get a taste of Irish heritage by attending the St. Patrick's Day parade and faire

The St. Patrick's Day parade and faire in Phoenix takes place on or around St. Patrick's Day. It features floats, marching bands and Irish dancers making their way through downtown Phoenix, followed by a faire with food, drinks and live entertainment.

Whether you're of Irish descent or just looking for a good time, the St. Patrick's Day parade and faire is a great way to celebrate this holiday in Phoenix.

Visit an Irish pub while you’re in Phoenix

The city is dotted with fine Irish pubs, all offering a traditional Irish atmosphere, hearty food, drinks and sometimes, even live music. The most popular of these pubs include Seamus McCaffrey's Irish Pub and The Great Taste Bar & Grill.

Seamus McCaffrey's is in downtown Phoenix. This Irish bar serves traditional Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage, boxty pancakes, Guinness and whiskey flights.

Classic Irish dishes, such as shepherd's pie, corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread, as well as a selection of Irish beers and whiskies, are common offerings in most Irish pubs.

On St. Patrick's Day, many of these pubs offer live traditional Irish musical performances, as well as festive decor, green beer and other special promotions.

Participate in a St. Patrick's Day-themed 5k run or walk

Want to celebrate the occasion, indulge in the spirit and burn some carbs at the same time? Well, there’s something exactly like this for you. St. Patrick's Day-themed 5k runs (or walks) are organized annually. These walks typically start and end at a park or pub and feature a course that winds through the city.

To make things even more exciting, why not don some green?

You’ll also come across live music, fine food, refreshing drinks and many other activities to enjoy after the race.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or are just looking for some exercise, a 5K is sure to get the carbs burning. Also, the proceeds are often donated to charities, so, it’s all for a good cause as well.

Get in on the St. Patrick's Day spirit by attending a concert

Going to a St. Patrick's Day concert is a fun and festive way to celebrate this holiday. Many local bars and clubs host live music performances featuring traditional Irish music, as well as modern pop and rock music with an Celtic twist. These concerts often have a lively and energetic atmosphere and are a great way to enjoy the holiday with friends and family.

Some popular venues for St. Patrick's Day concerts in Phoenix include The Rebel Lounge, The Van Buren and The Pressroom. You're sure to find a St. Patrick's Day concert in Phoenix that suits your taste, whether you love traditional Irish music or just want a good time.

Join a pub crawl and visit multiple bars, trying different Irish beers and whiskies along the way

It’s more fun if you’re a beer or whisky fan, but even if you’re only looking for a fun hangout with friends, a pub crawl is the way to go.

Some popular pub crawl events in the city include the St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl and the ShamRock N Roll Crawl.

Party (square)

Just remember to drink responsibly and be safe (also, don’t drink and drive – call a cab).

Green fountain for St. Patrick’s Day in Phoenix

For the annual festivities linked with rich Irish heritage, the city goes all out with a massive green fountain in the center of town. The fountain is turned on at sunrise and runs continuously throughout the day.

On top of the brightly colored fountain, you can enjoy live music and entertainment throughout the day.

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Visit the Irish cultural center in Phoenix

The Irish Cultural Center in Phoenix has a museum and library that showcase Ireland's history and hosts events and classes related to Irish heritage.

It offers a cultural learning experience that connects communities to the people and traditions of Ireland and the Celtic world. You can even attend a variety of programs and events that promote and celebrate Irish culture, including classes, concerts, festivals and more.

The McClelland Library, which is nestled in the embrace of the ICC, hosts no less than 8,000 literary works of the finest Irish authors and poets.

While reading may not be on the top of your mind for the day, you can take a look at the place and come back regularly to explore your ancestral heritage and culture in depth. Also, their events and community gatherings are sure to help you make new bonds with people who share the same cultural taste as you.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, be sure to do it fully and not stress about any scheduling issues when you’ve got Doodle by your side.

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