Shorten time to hire with faster meeting booking

Looking for the fastest way to meet with candidates? Doodle does just that.

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Book your interviews quicker

Doodle is the best way to meet with candidates as early as possible

Send candidates your 1:1 or Booking Page

Propose several times or let them book directly on your schedule.

Set up panel interviews quickly

Add colleagues’ calendars to your Booking Page and generate times based on everyone’s availability.

Add your company’s branding to it

Give all externals a branded experience throughout the entire scheduling process.

Reduce no-shows

Set up automatic reminders and let Doodle send the calendar invites.

Streamline the whole recruitment process

Doodle cuts out the back-and-forths and guarantees a smooth meeting and interviewing flow for everyone involved.

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Track recruiter performance

See how many meetings get scheduled and monitor activity with the Admin Console. Available in Teams and Enterprise plans.

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Get candidates in the door faster

Doodle gives recruiters a fighting chance by starting the conversation faster with candidates. That means more hires.

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Hired by recruiters everywhere

Perfect! Doodle allows me to easily schedule meetings that fit the calendars of several individuals when everyone’s calendars aren’t accessible.

Taylor G

Taylor G

Human Resources Assistant

Doodle helped use hire our Director of Facilities. That was a success in scheduling!

Beth Voegtli

Beth Voegtli

Ronald McDonald House

Meetings and reminders are easier to manage. This makes coordinating calendars for availability so much easier!

Mariane F

Mariane F

Human Resources Manager

A smooth process for everyone involved

With Doodle:

Send one email or message and get everyone’s response in one place.

Without Doodle:

Send 30 emails suggesting times, get lost trying to collect responses.

Is it a match? For recruiters, yes.

The right tool for finding the right time for interviews.

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