5 Reasons to Connect your Calendars to your Doodle Account

Give your teams, colleagues and customers a clear view into your availability. Plus, cut out scheduling hassles and delays.

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1. Book meetings faster

Forget about getting stuck in email limbo, asking questions like ‘What time works for you?’ and ‘What time zone is that in?’. It can take days, weeks or even months to get a response and agreement from everyone. The faster your meetings are booked, the faster you can make important decisions.

2. Minimize double-bookings

Your availability is clear, easy to access and 100% accurate. So, you’ll be less likely to offer up available meeting times that are already booked. And don’t worry about your privacy - Doodle uses the most modern and secure APIs to connect your calendar. Plus, participants will only be shown your available time slots (i.e. no access to your full calendar details).

3. Take advantage of advanced scheduling features

There’s a lot more to Doodle than creating polls and booking group meetings. Doodle 1:1 and Booking Page are two advanced features that will make every aspect of your scheduling effortless and seamless. With Booking Page, all you have to do is create a personalized meeting link, set your meeting rules, share your link and then let participants book the meeting. But you won’t be able to take advantage of these features if your calendars aren’t connected.

4. No more toggling between browsers

Think about how annoying and confusing it can be to go back and forth between your calendars in Google and Microsoft Outlook. Managing your calendars shouldn’t be such a hassle. Rely on Doodle as your single source of scheduling truth.

5. Less time spent on labor-intensive tasks means more time for business growth

Most meetings are time-sensitive and essential before critical business decisions can be made. But if you’re spending weeks (even months) asking participants for their meeting availability, that’s a real problem. Let Doodle do the heavy lifting so you can have great meetings.

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