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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

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In the last few years, it feels like you have to sprint in order to keep up with the digital transformation that has changed our lives. From AI tools like Chat GPT to scheduling automation software like Doodle’s Booking Page there are just so many things to make how we work even easier.  

For leaders, that means finding the best ways to make your teams productive and that’s not always about the tools you use. Digital anthropologist and futurist, Brian Solis said: "Digital transformation is more about mindsets and culture than it is about technology." So as a leader, how do use technology to support your team? Let’s find out.

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How has technology changed leadership 

Technology has not only revolutionized the way we work and communicate but how people are led. In the digital age, leaders have access to more tools and resources for managing their teams than ever before. For example, scheduling tools make it easy for leaders to arrange a time to meet their teams, no matter where in the world they are. 

However, it’s also created new challenges. Adapting to managing virtual teams, navigating time zone and ensuring everyone’s on the same page - are just a few that come to mind.

Although the advantages for leaders far outweigh the negatives, you need to be aware that they are there. Technology can sometimes be a distraction and create a sense of isolation if not used correctly. Digital leadership needs to ensure technology is working for your team - not against it.

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How to be a good digital leader 

To be an effective digital leader, there are several key skills you need to master. These include adaptability, communication, collaboration and the ability to make informed decisions based on data. 

Adaptability. Leaders must be ready to adopt technology and embrace new ways of working. This can sometimes mean changing a way of working that you’ve become comfortable with. When reviewing processes, ask yourself, “What’s the best way to move my team forward?”

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Communication. This comes up again and again but that’s because good leaders must also be excellent communicators. You should always make sure you communicate clearly and concisely with your teams, especially when they’re working remotely.

Collaboration. With the rise in technology, leaders are now far more likely to be managing teams embracing remote work options. That makes it your job to ensure everyone is working together effectively. Decide what tools work best to make this happen and train your team on how to use them.

Finally, digital leaders must be data-driven in their decisions. Your company is likely to have more data than it knows what to do with, so make sure you know how to analyze the right figures and use them effectively for your decision-making. Don’t be scared to reach out to your company’s data team for help - that’s what they’re there for.  

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