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mtoivate case study

A Doodle User Experience Study

As a rapidly scaling bike repair startup that employs numerous staff on both a permanent and an hourly basis, Motivate LLC has complex scheduling needs. Doodle helps Motivate LLC to meet them, seamlessly. We spoke to Kishona, the project manager on Motivate LLC’s People Team, about the company’s recent scheduling successes.

Doodle creates HR wins no matter the complexity of the organization

Motivate LLC designs and deploys bike-sharing systems, and they’re hands-on at every step of the process. That means that they employ staff in a range of positions, from the C Suite to hourly on-the-ground employees. Because hourly employees aren’t issued with Motivate LLC email addresses and thus are outside their calendar network, Kishona needs a scheduling system that ensures everyone (internal or external) can take part in key events, like Motivate’s recent flu-shot event. That’s where Doodle comes in. Says Kishona, “ was very, very helpful”.

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Schedule with Doodle to make sure no-one misses out on training. And save tons of time.

Kishona uses Doodle to schedule manager training and onboarding for new employees. She found it easy to create multiple meeting invitations for the various sessions, send them out to each team member and allow them to sign up for the ones that suited them. Once completed the guests would receive a calendar invite for the meeting they chose. Doodle lets busy professionals get any size group together in moments - reducing administrative work to zero.

From professional development to corporate culture initiatives, Doodle makes HR easy.

A growing, transitioning company poses unique challenges for HR professionals. Doodle’s streamlined scheduling has helped Kishona with her mission to nurture corporate culture and facilitate ongoing professional development in a dynamic start-up environment. Doodle group polls make gathering large groups for updates and events easier than ever. Doodle 1:1 makes scheduling multiple training or feedback sessions a breeze. And, thanks to Doodle’s Booking Page, everyone - from the CEO down - can make themselves available to others, according to their preferences. Scaling up can be a challenge, but with Doodle, scheduling is always simple.

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