The Educator's Meeting Playbook

Are you making the most of your meetings as an educator? Spend more time with students and less on organzing with Doodle.

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Biggest scheduling challenges in college and university

Few professions live and die by the calendar and deadlines like the education sector. Classes, terms, semesters and academic years all have defined lengths, with specific work required between start and end dates. Students are continually working towards assessment deadlines, while professors and research assistants have their own deadlines for publishing studies or texts. And then, there are those pesky meetings.

Whenever we speak to educators one of the most common things they always say is how rewarding it is to teach. But what happens when you just don’t have enough time for all your students? Or worse you spend so long arranging meetings, you don’t get time to actually help your students. 

The role scheduling technology can play

If you are an educator interested in reclaiming your day, check out the full Educator's Meeting Playbook. 

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