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Say hello to the Admin Console

Take control of Doodle and make it work the way you and your team do.

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What is the Admin Console?

Are you in charge of managing lots of Doodle accounts for your organization? Well, the Admin Console is what you’ve been waiting for.

Take control of how your business uses Doodle - now all from one place. Your admin dashboard allows you to see how your employees are using Doodle. It gives you control over what integrations they have access to and offers a simplified process to retrieve invoices and update payment details.

The Admin Console lets you make Doodle work the way you and your colleagues do.

Why do I need the Admin Console?

Take control of how you use Doodle like never before.

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Meeting Reports

Pull reports in seconds and analyse how your team is using Doodle.

Admin Illustration
Multi-level Admins*

Create Managers or Group Admins, with different permissions, who can supervise specific users or groups.

Groups Illustration

Allow different departments to use Doodle in different ways.

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Access invoices, change payment methods or add a billing contact all in one place.

Integrations illustration
Apps and Integrations*

From video conferencing to email integration - decide what your users can do with a few clicks.

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Managing Members

Easily add and remove users from your Doodle subscription, while having an overview of all seats.

* These features may vary on a Teams subscription