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January 2021

We ended last year on a high note - with the launch of a new feature that makes scheduling on behalf of others and creating joint availability bookable calendars for teams easy. This feature supports smooth handovers between teams (like SDR to BDR) and simplifies repetitive scheduling with groups. We’re offering a training session just for you this January.

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📅 Tip 1.  Subscribe to a coworker’s calendar

From your calendar provider, subscribe to your coworkers calendars to schedule for/with them.

👥 Tip 2.  Find conflict-free time slots with groups of people

Choose the calendars that matter for a meeting’s scheduling, uncheck your own calendar if you are not attending the meeting.

Tip 3. Consider holidays while scheduling 

Consider holidays while creating a meeting by adding ‘Holidays 2021’ calendar to the shared bookable calendar.

Join the live webinar and learn how you can use this feature effectively to collaborate with teams.

Webinar Banner (27th of January 2021 at 6 pm cet)

Use Doodle’s Bookable calendar to check for conflicts and schedule meetings on behalf of others.

Set hard deadline screenshot

Hard deadline for Doodle polls

Our enterprise customers liked the idea of a fixed deadline for a Doodle poll. Setting a final voting date means participants can no longer vote once it is past. We feel this change should encourage participants to vote in time and not put it off indefinitely!

Product Update Cover

November 2020

New feature, spruced up Dashboard, and an upgraded Outlook add-in. All this is new in Doodle in November. Read on.

Doodle Dashboard has a New Look & Feel 

Design is an important part of our product experience. So we’re always looking for ways to make it more intuitive. Now,

Explore your New Dashboard

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👥 Book on behalf of others coming to a Bookable Calendar near you

Imagine you have a new business pitch with the VP of a major company and you need to include 5+ core people from your team in the meeting. 

Now accomplish this in 3 quick steps: 1. Subscribe to their calendars 2. Pick conflict-free meeting slots 3. Share them with your customer

A confirmation will be sent to every participant 📅, i.e. we make sure “Holidays 2020” is not invited to the meeting. Game, set, match.

Take Book on Behalf for a spin

Outlook integration screenshot

Microsoft Outlook users, Add-In Is Now Fully Plugged In

Our previous release only supported your group meetings. You can now use Doodle in Microsoft Outlook to book any type of meeting. The design is also brand new, take a look.

Stay within Outlook while effortlessly adding in shareable calendar links to your emails. 

If you don’t already have it, Install the Microsoft Outlook Add-In for Doodle. may need your organization’s administrator to allow the install. 

Sit back and enjoy the new UI.