Doodle smart scheduling

Optimizing your scheduling experience through artificial intelligence

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Doodle is the leader in artificial intelligence in scheduling, with smart technology bolstering the core functionality across its many products, making AI practical and accessible to everyone.

Book meetings without leaving Slack with AI-suggested times

The Doodle Bot on Slack uses AI to learn your meeting preferences and compare availabilities across calendars in order to suggest the best possible meeting times. Use the command  /doodle-meet and add the who, what, where, and when, and the Doodle bot will return times for you to choose from. Book one of the smart suggestions and the meeting syncs everyone’s calendars. Try something like this: /doodle-meet @someone/ #channel / [email protected] about Kickoff Meeting at the Big Meeting Room next week

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Natural language understanding and the Doodle Bot

The Doodle Bot uses NLU, artificial intelligence that can break down your sentences into understandable inputs in order to suggest possible times for your meeting. When you write a phrase using the /doodle command such as “I need a Marketing meeting with #marketing at the Berlin Office next week” Doodle’s AI services will crunch the information and suggest 3 possible options for your Doodle poll to be posted in your #marketing channel.

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Smart suggestions for your Doodle group polls

You can let our AI help you find the best possible times for your meeting based on the data available to us (your calendar availability, scheduling habits, the title of your poll, and the availability of the people connected to your main calendar). Simply click the green smart suggestions button during the second step of poll creation. Create smart Doodle polls in seconds!