Doodle is the free online voting app that democratises scheduling and finds a solution that works for everyone. It’s easy to use, there’s no sign up required, and best of all it’s totally free. Here’s a look at essential features of the Doodle voting app.

Step 1: Doodle Voting App

To create an event simply visit In the example below Dave wants to schedule the weekly meeting. The first step of the Doodle voting app requires filling out information that will be sent to your invitees. The location and description are optional – but filling them out beforehand will save you time in the long run!

All you need to do then is enter is your name and your email address. The Doodle voting app will only use your email address to send you the link from which you can administer poll, and will not automatically open an account with the Doodle voting app.

Fill out the basic event details.

Step 2: Doodle Voting App

The next step of the Doodle voting app is to enter your date proposals. On the second page Doodle will present you with a calendar. Using this you can then select the days that work best for you.

In the example below Dave has selected three days for the weekly meeting. However, with the Doodle voting app you can also create an event that lasts for multiple days. To do this simply hover over the selected day – green arrows will appear either side of the box. You can use these arrows to extend the meeting by increments of one day.

Select your dates.

Once you’ve selected the day or days that work for you, simply click next to follow through and fill out the time proposals.

The Doodle voting app will provide you with three timeslots based on the number of days you’ve selected. If you want to add more time slots simply click “Add further time slots” and Doodle will a further three to your list.

Select your times.

Once you’ve added your availability to the table you can replicate the same pattern for the next day using the “Copy and paste first row” option below. Leaving the time slots blank means you’re available all day.

Step 3: Doodle Voting App

Once you’ve selected your dates and times in the Doodle calendar, you will then be presented with two options. To create a Basic Poll simply click Next. However, if you would like to tailor your poll then you can do so using the settings.

In the settings dropdown menu the Doodle voting app provides a range of options to customise your poll. Clicking the Yes-No-Ifneedbe gives invitees with a third option with which to repond. Ifneedbe is ideal for ensuring that a viable option is found for everyone. There are also a number of controls that can be placed on participants’ responses to make sure that scheduling with the Doodle voting app is as smooth as possible.

Refine your settings for the Doodle voting app.

Step 4: Doodle Voting App

The final step of the Doodle voting app is to invite your participants.

Invite people using Doodle.

You can invite up to 20 people. To keep an event private you can choose to allow only people you invited to respond. Once you’ve clicked finish you’re done! Doodle will find the time that works for everyone, and send you a notification once it’s been found.