Making plans whilst on the move is a piece of cake thanks to the Doodle planner app. In just a few swipes, you can book meetings with your friends and colleagues well ahead of schedule and with minimal back-and-forth. It’s easy to find a suitable time for everyone with the planner app for Android, iOS and your PC.

Unlike endless email threads or social media invites that only reach certain people, the Doodle time planner app is designed to be straightforward and accessible to all. Doodle works with your smartphone as a completely free day planner app and also as an online planner app when you’re browsing the Internet on your computer. That means you can stay on top of your events, meetings, and social functions no matter where you are. This is great news for busy people with limited time to spend on scheduling.

Choose a Date with Our Easy Time Planner App

With Doodle, it’s simple to schedule an event ( The first step is to visit the Doodle homepage and click ‘Schedule an event,’ or simply open up the planner app on your phone. As illustrated in the pictures below, it only takes a few minutes to set up an event.

Mobile scheduling with the mobile planner app

The first step is to give your event a title, then add your name and email address – we need this to send you a notification email once a date and time has been settled. On the following screen, the date planner app will show you a calendar where you can select a variety of dates and times to meet. Upgrading to Doodle Premium allows you to sync all of your calendars so you won’t accidentally double-book yourself.

Finding time to meet large groups of people is hassle-free with Doodle’s time planner app. Maybe you have to meet your whole team at work for an important discussion. In which case, you can pick two days and multiple time slots that work for you, then see when everyone in the office is free to join.

Once you’ve invited the participants you want to join on our free daily planner app, your invitees will receive the event details you’ve set up and will be able to accept or decline via a straightforward online poll. Our convenient Yes, No and Maybe options take the guesswork out of scheduling. So, you can find a date that works for everyone, or adjust your invite list according to how friends, family or colleagues have responded.

Your Schedule at a Glance

Thanks to Doodle’s intuitive free day planner app, you can see your appointments and meetings displayed clearly on your dashboard. What’s more, you can keep track of any changes to events you’re planning. For example, in the capture below, you see who’s voted for the event, ‘Dinner Party’ and that a friend has left a comment about your outing to the museum.

Your events on the dashboard

Our planner app makes scheduling simple and quick, meaning you’ll have more time to enjoy your friends and family at your next event. Download our Android app planner or iOS planner app today!