Arranging meetings and events has never been quicker or easier thanks to Doodle’s online meeting app. You’ll find that organising large groups of people and coming to collective decisions regarding venues, times and dates is a breeze with the meeting organizer app. In fact, you can get started with our time and date meeting planner app by following just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Doodle Meeting Planning App

To begin, visit and click the “Schedule an event” button. Once presented with the online form, you can begin to enter information regarding your event. Enter a title/name, location and description of the event alongside your name and email address.

Once completed, click the “Next” button to progress. Please note, at this stage Doodle will only use your email address to forward an administrative link to your poll, you will not automatically be tied into an account.

Set up your meeting

Step 2: Doodle Online Meeting App

The next stage of planning your meeting involves selecting your dates. Here you can choose either one individual date or multiple dates. Once you have chosen your preferred dates, click the “Next” button to continue.

Select your dates.

Next up, you need to enter the time slots you wish to propose with the online-meeting app. The number of proposals is unlimited, and further time slots may be added by clicking the link under the boxes.

As a time saving measure, Doodle have also included a “Copy and paste first row” function for when you wish to propose the same time slots for each of your selected dates. An “Enable time-zone support” feature is also available to allow meeting organisers to quickly and easily align geographic location with the free online meeting app.

Select your times.

Once you’ve added your availability to the table you can replicate the same pattern for the next day using the “Copy and paste first row” option below. Leaving the time slots blank means you’re available all day.

Step 3: Doodle Online-Meeting App

After making the relevant selections and clicking “Next”, you will be presented with the option of creating a “Basic Poll”, or of customising additional settings. These include “Yes-No-Ifneedbe poll“ offering more versatility for you participants, the option of making a “Hidden poll” for greater privacy, and also limiting the number of participants per option and allowing participants to choose only one option within the poll.

Change your settings

Step 4: Doodle Meeting Organizer App

Finally, all that remains to do is to invite your participants. Doodle’s free meeting app allows you to invite up to 20 participants either through email or by connecting directly to your Google and iCloud address books. Here, you can also add a personal message and preview your invitation email.

Invite colleagues with Doodle.

By clicking the “Finish” button, the Doodle meeting organizer app automatically sends out invites to your chosen participants. All you need to do is wait for notification of when your participants have selected their times/dates and decide upon a meeting time suitable for all.