Everyone has free time, sometimes it just isn’t easy to find. Since 2007 Doodle has been helping millions of people around the globe to get organised thanks to the power of social scheduling. Doodle is the world’s leading productivity software designed to eliminate time-consuming planning so that you can stay on top of your busy lifestyle. From birthday parties to boardroom meetings, whatever the occasion, Doodle makes scheduling a breeze. So rediscover your free time and get organised with Doodle.

Anyone can get organised with Doodle: simply send out an invitation with your available dates and times. Participants can then respond with a simple Yes, Maybe or No. Doodle will find the solution that works best for everyone and notify you when it’s been found. There’s no need to sign up or exchange personal information. Best of all, Doodle is completely free! So, don’t just get by – get organised with Doodle.

Here’s how it works. Imagine you need to book an important meeting with multiple people. Rather than taking up their valuable time as well as your own, Doodle will find the answer in seconds. To create an event simply follow these 4 easy steps.

Fill out the form below.

Fill out the basic details.

Then select the dates when you’re available.

Select the dates that you’re available.

Doodle with then present you with three timeslots for each day selected. Leaving the three timeslots blank means you’re available all day.

Select the times you’re avilable

Finally, select who you want to invite. Doodle allows you to include up to twenty participants.

Invite the participants.

And you’re done! With Doodle it’s that easy.

Get Organised: Upgrade to Doodle Premium

Doodle Premium is an ads-free SSL-encrypted platform for both professionals and businesses. The fully customisable interface means that your brand will be seen whenever you or one of your team uses Doodle, while the management tools allow you to energise participants to respond via automatic reminders. So whether you need to book a meeting with a client - or the whole office - Doodle Premium comes with a whole host of clever features that will revolutionise the way you work.

Get organised with Doodle Premium

Make double booking a thing of the past. Doodle Premium is perfect for businesses and professionals alike to get organised. With the Calendar Connect feature you can integrate your calendars (iCal, Outlook, and Facebook) to create a single, unified Doodle Calendar - so you can make better decisions faster. For added speed you can also request additional information from participants in a private message. Upgrade to Doodle Premium and see how easy it is to get organised today.

Take the Initiative and Get Organised with Doodle Mobile

The more your smartphone brings together the different aspects of your life, the more help you need keeping on top of it all. Introducing Doodle Mobile: the productivity app that helps you get organised on the go. Available in both an easy to use Web app and native app for the iOS platform, Doodle Mobile puts the power of Doodle’s social scheduling software right in the palm of your hand.

Get Organised with Doodle Mobile

With Doodle Mobile you can take the initiative and make decisions in seconds. Instead of saying let’s do lunch sometime, with Doodle Mobile you can schedule an appointment then and there – you can even create a poll to decide on a restaurant. There’s no need to share your number or personal details, Doodle Mobile features a direct chat so users can keep track of their invitees. You can even import your contacts for added convenience. With Doodle Mobile you can get organised anywhere, anytime.