If you are looking for the quickest and easiest way to get opinions from groups of friends, family or colleagues, then the Doodle online survey app is the solution. Doodle allows you to create online surveys and polls without having to deal with long communication threads through email, texting or other more traditional methods. Put simply, Doodle allows you and the participants of your online survey to access a centralised form where each member can vote for their preferred dates or events.

Fly Away with the Survey Maker App from Doodle

Let’s take Mary as an example. Mary wants to organize a group holiday with her friends. The problem is, no one can decide on exactly where they want to go. Thankfully, however, the Doodle free survey app makes organization a breeze and Mary can rest assured she has taken everyone’s thoughts into consideration.

First, Mary needs to head over to the Doodle homepage and click the schedule an event link. From here, the intuitive Doodle utility will guide Mary through the rest of the process – giving her the option of adding a title, location and description to her online survey. Once completed, Mary can click the “Next” button to continue setting up her poll with the free survey app

Create Quick and Easy Surveys

Choosing your Proposals within the Free Survey App

The next step for Mary is to choose exactly what she would like her friends to decide upon. By default the survey maker app offers Mary the “Basic Calendar” view. But by selecting the “Free text” option in the top right hand corner, she can easily create a poll with her own user defined proposals.

Set up user defined parameters

Once Mary has entered the proposals she wishes the participants to choose between, she can click the “Next” button and choose between creating a “Basic poll” or defining a number of additional features within the online survey app. These include the option of making a hidden poll, the option of participants selecting “Yes-No-Ifneedbe”, the restricting of participants’ choices to a single selection, and finally, the option to limit the number of participants per proposal.

Manage advanced settings

Using the Free Survey App to Invite Friends

Finally, once Mary has chosen exactly which features she wishes to use within her online poll, she is free to move forward and invite her friends. This is achieved either through regular email, sent out to each of the participants, or by connecting to Mary’s existing contacts through Google and iCloud. A personal greeting can be included and Mary also has the option of previewing her email.

Invite Participants to Vote