Hey, Doodle fans! The wait for our Android calendar app is finally over. Now, it’s even easier to join the Doodle party. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate with us: No more endless email threads, double bookings, or scheduling headaches when you’re trying to get people together. Just more free time to spend with your friends, family, and co-workers.

With our free calendar app for Android, stress-free scheduling is just a few swipes away. This app is the natural extension of our already popular scheduling software for iOS and PC, but in a convenient calendar sharing app for Android. In fact, Doodle easily syncs with your calendars and address books from a variety of sources including Outlook, Google, iCal, and your ICS Feed.

Doodle also works seamlessly with all of your devices. So, you can access your work calendar app and Android schedule from anywhere. That means that being mobile and in control of your daily appointments is easy. With us, you’ll move from work to play without losing the plot, or spending unnecessary amounts of time trying to find dates that suit everyone on your invitation list.

A Simple Work Calendar App for Android

Doodle’s business calendar app for Android works double-time so you can schedule professional meetings faster than ever before. That’s because we make it easy for your whole team to find a mutually agreeable timeslot for conferences, seminars, and special presentations; not to mention the office holiday party!

Doodle will seamlessly sync with your existing address book and digital calendars so that you’ll always have a clear overview of your day, week, and month. This is especially convenient when you’re adding events and meetings on the fly to different calendars. What’s more, our Android app and business calendar alerts you when you’ve overbooked yourself for a timeslot – an ideal feature for busy people with a lot on their minds.

Scheduling Doesn’t Get Any Easier

As the screenshot below illustrates, Amanda’s Android calendar sharing app allows her to see which appointments she has to get to this week, along with a list of her connected calendars on the right hand side of the screen. Alongside this, she can also see a list of proposed dates. These are tentative meeting suggestions that she may have sent out to a co-worker or two with whom she wants to schedule a meeting.

Integrated Calendar View

With Doodle’s MeetMe function, Amanda can share her calendar with colleagues via the calendar app on Android and ask them to propose dates based on her availability. This is one way Doodle speeds up scheduling, since there’s no need to play phone tag or try to pin invitees’ dates down with a confusing flood of emails.

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