Finding time for friends, family and business partners can be a challenge for busy people with full time jobs and countless commitments. Luckily, the minds over at Doodle have crafted one lifesaver of an agenda app that works with your smartphone and PC. The agenda online app is available anytime you’re connected to the Internet and moves seamlessly between devices so you can access your appointments, meetings, and whatever else you’ve got on your plate at any given time.

Doodle’s online agenda app is a straightforward tool that has been well-received by millions of users. It all but eliminates scheduling back and forth, freeing up time for discussing projects with colleagues, celebrating birthdays, and catching up with old friends. Whatever your plans, the agenda app from Doodle will help you get the day started. Read on to find out how.

Rejoice! Doodle’s Agenda Planner App is Here

An app and agenda in one convenient place? They said it couldn’t be done – but Doodle’s accomplished the impossible. This incredibly neat and easy to use platform is all you’ll ever need to make plans. With Doodle, meeting up is a breeze.

To make scheduling that much easier, Doodle encourages you to sync your Google Calendar with our agenda app. This will allow you to see all your appointments at a glance and also means you’ll avoid double booking yourself. With Doodle, you can promise the world and actually deliver – when it comes to making plans, that is.

What’s more, thanks to our MeetMe feature, you can share your calendar with the people you want to see throughout the week so they’ll know exactly when you have a free timeslot. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about remembering your usual routine on top of all the spontaneous meetings you book. Doodle does the hard part for you.

Say MeetMe to an Agenda and Online App

MeetMe is a great feature for professionals who are always on the go. In the example below, Ms. Busy uses the Doodle agenda app online to share her calendar with a colleague who’s been dying to have lunch with her. Rather than playing e-mail or phone tag with her for the umpteenth time, Ms. Busy simply shows her co-worker when she’s available.

First, Ms. Busy shares her MeetMe page and asks her coworker to suggest a couple of dates for their lunch.

Show Your Availability with Doodle’s Agenda App

The rest is now up to Ms. Busy’s colleague. With a calendar clearly showing when she has time, and when she’s already engaged, it’s easy to find a date that works for both parties. Ms. Busy’s invitee suggests two lunch times, on Tuesday and Friday, when she also has time to meet up. Then it’s up to Ms. Busy to pick what day works for her, and lunch is served!

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See? Meeting up with the Doodle agenda app is simple.