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Manteisiwch ar nodweddion ychwanegol ac arbed hyd yn oed mwy o amser

Amgryptio SSL
Eich is-barth eich hun
Nodweddion effeithlonrwydd
Eich dyluniad chi
August 27, 2017
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Manylion nodweddion Premium

Brandio/Dyluniad eich hunain
If you take advantage of the Business subscription, you get a professional brand presence for every poll: customize the classic Doodle design in line with your individual needs. This not only makes a professional impression but also shows your participants that they are in the right place. You can even replace the Doodle logo with your own for a fully branded experience. Gweld enghraifft
Rheoli defnyddwyr
Rheolwch eich holl ddefnyddwyr mewn trosolwg sy'n hawdd i'w ddeall. Mae'n caniatáu’r holl weithredoedd pwysig, fel gosod a chysylltu â defnyddwyr newydd neu roi gwybod iddyn nhw am eu trwyddedau.
Eich is-barth eich hun
Cael URL unigryw eich hun ar gyfer eich Doodle (e.e., i fynd at eich polau yn haws.
Amgryptio SSL ben i ben
Gwarchodwch ddata mewnol sensitif gydag amgryptiad SSL o un pen i'r llall. Mae amgryptiad SSL ar eich mynediad chi a'r cyfranogwyr at eich polau Premium Doodle.
Heb hysbysebion
Heb unrhyw hysbysebion yn ymddangos ar eich polau, gallech chi a'r cyfranogwyr ganolbwyntio yn unig ar y trefniadau.
Gofyn am wybodaeth bellach
Gofynnwch am wybodaeth ychwanegol fel cyfeiriad ebost, rhif ffôn, neu gyfeiriad y cyfranogwyr. Gweld enghraifft
Gweld pwy sydd ar goll
Gwelwch unrhyw berson sydd ar goll yn hawdd ac anfonwch ebost i'w hatgoffa.
Anfon nodau atgoffa awtomatig
Let Doodle do the work for you by sending automatic reminders to invited people who haven’t participated.

Cwestiynau cyffredin

What is the difference between Doodle and other scheduling services?
Doodle radically simplifies the process of scheduling events by using a voting process. Whether you want to arrange board or team meetings, dinners with friends, reunions, weekend trips or any other kind event, finding the perfect time is child’s play.
Can I try Premium Doodle before subscribing?
Yes, Premium Doodle is free for the first 30 days and includes all Premium features. No credit card details are required during the free trial period. If you decide against subscribing to Premium Doodle, your account automatically reverts to a free account after 30 days.
How can I pay for Premium Doodle?
Premium Doodle can be tested free of charge for 30 days without a credit card. After the free trial period, you can pay for a subscription either by credit card (MasterCard, Visa) or via PayPal. Please note that this is a one-time payment and that you can download your payment confirmation after the payment is made.
How can I cancel my subscription?
The duration of a Premium Doodle subscription is one year. The subscription is not extended automatically, meaning you do not have to cancel. If you choose not to renew your Premium Doodle subscription, your account automatically reverts to a free account. Your polls will be preserved, but may be deleted at a later stage due to inactivity.
How can I extend or change my subscription?
You can extend your subscription at any time. You can also upgrade at any time, for example from a Premium Doodle 20 to a Premium Doodle 50 subscription. We will prorate the remaining time on the existing subscription and issue a credit. All your settings will be preserved. Downgrading is only possible at the end of a subscription.
What is the difference between Premium Doodle Private and Business?
Premium Doodle Private includes only one Premium user and is the perfect solution for individuals, freelancers and sole proprietorships. Premium Doodle Business is designed for companies with up to 1,000 Premium users and includes additional features, such as user management and branding. Please contact us for enterprise plans with more than 1,000 users.
What is a Premium user?
A Premium user is a person who creates a poll. Please choose the size of your subscription (the number of users) according to how many people will be able to create polls. All packages allow for an unlimited number of polls, as well as an unlimited lifetime for polls.
How does the user management work? Can Premium users be changed?
User management is only available for the Premium Doodle Business and Enterprise plans. As an administrator, you can add and invite users who can then use all of the available Premium features on your custom Doodle URL. There is no need to share your login details with others. Furthermore, Premium users can be changed at any time, for example you can free up a slot by removing all of a user’s polls.
How secure is Doodle?
All Premium Doodle plans include SSL encryption that secures the communication between your browser and our servers. The Doodle servers are located in ISO 27001-compliant data centers.
Do you offer discounts for NGOs, educational institutions, students etc.?
We currently do not offer a discount for educational institutions, students etc.
Our support center features additonal questions and answers about Premium Doodle

Media Corner

“I couldn't survive without Doodle. Anytime more than two people are trying to arrange a meeting, Doodle is essential – especially when the meeting extends across time zones. I've recommended it to numerous friends and organizations. Its brilliance lies in using simplicity to tame an otherwise complicated task.”

Don Norman
Nielsen Norman Group, IDEO Fellow