Connect your calendar

Get a clear view of your calendar and sync events automatically

Why should you connect your calendar to Doodle?

Calendar integration is the key to everything Doodle. You can view your calendar while using Doodle and sync events to your calendar automatically. No more rescheduling, double-booking, or over-booking. Connect your calendar today!

Step 1

Access your account settings by clicking your name at the top of the page. You can manage all your account details from here.

Step 2

Choose calendars from the menu on the left in your account settings. From this page, you’ll be able to add your Google, Office 365/, or other calendars to your account.

Step 3

Select the calendar you’d like to choose from the menu and follow the login steps from the window that opens. Once connected, Doodle tells you if your schedule conflicts with any of the proposed meeting options. When an option is chosen, the date is added instantly to your calendar.

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