Company milestones

A good idea with viral and strategic growth contributed to a successful business model today:

  • 2003: Founder and CEO Michael Näf creates an online scheduling solution for personal use (later to be called Doodle). The fast viral growth lays the groundwork for future success.

  • 2006: Doodle reaches 200,000 visitors per month. Näf and his cofounder Sevinç decide to develop a business.

  • 2008: In March, Näf and Sevinç secure the first round of financing and rename the company Doodle AG. In May, commercialization based on advertising is reinforced by assembling an in-house sales team.

  • 2009: In June, Doodle launches its first premium service and enhances the calendar integration possibilities that lead to a Doodle calendar view in 2010.

  • 2010: Doodle grows to 10 employees, serves over 6 Million users and reaches break-even status.

  • 2011: Complete redesign for both the standard and mobile Web versions. Launch of personal scheduling profile MeetMe and over 10 Million users. In May, Tamedia takes a minority stake in Doodle.

  • 2012: Launch of BookMe, a new booking service for local service providers. And for our retro fans, we also launched “Doodle Unplugged” on real paper.