About the Company

Doodle was founded in March 2007 and is located in Zurich, Switzerland. It operates the popular online scheduling service on doodle.com for millions of people, as well as the personal scheduling profile MeetMe. Doodle is run by a small team of experts.

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How it all began (company milestones)

Doodle Team

Michael Brecht
Christoph Bäni
VP of Engineering
Tiziano Obrecht
VP of Sales
Malte Schiebelmann
VP of Product Management
Jule Aderholz
Senior Account Manager
Oliver Ganz
Senior Software Engineer
Spyros Giannakakis
Software Engineer
Manuel Hitz
Senior Software Engineer
David Gubler
Senior Operations & Software Engineer
Michael Brodmann
Operations & Software Engineer
Corinne Signer
Office Management
Katharina Schneider
Senior User Supporter
Michael Näf
Paul E. Sevinç


  • Michael Näf, Doodle AG
  • Stephan Obwegeser, Tamedia AG
  • Paul E. Sevinç, Doodle AG
  • Christoph Brand, Tamedia AG

Doodle AG
Werdstrasse 21
8021 Zurich